Saturday, June 26, 2010


  SANDPOINT, Idaho - If you had an amusement park to build, and looked at a map to determine where you'd have a large population base, you would not consider far northern Idaho. It's seriously three times farther to the state capital of Boise than to Canada.
  In any case, Silverwood Theme Park somehow makes it work. Spokane, Wash., is an easy drive, Coeur d'Alene very close. License plates in the massive parking lot indicate most visitors are from Washington, Idaho, Oregon and British Columbia. Our Colorado plates were lonely.
  And the rides are worthy. One called "Panic" was the worst (maybe that means best), and the one pictured here, "Aftershock," was nearly too outwardly menacing to attempt. But my nephew and I did, and we survived and nearly enjoyed it. I'm not even sure what my body was doing, being thrown here and there, but at one point I was staring straight down at the ground.
  Sheer fun. Sheer panic.


  1. I think besides the speed and centrifugal forces generated, the whole idea of not having your feet firmly planted adds to the terror of the experience. You almost enjoyed it. :-)

  2. Yeah, almost. ... And I already miss that donut shop.