Friday, July 30, 2010

Rockin' in Cleveland

  CLEVELAND - Guess I didn't know quite what to anticipate when I parked in a lot along Lake Erie on Wednesday.
  I expected the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to be more Animas Museum sized than Louvre museum sized. It's definitely more like the latter. And that's easy to say because the six-story rock hall was designed by the same man, Chinese-American I.M. Pei, who designed the modern entrance to the Louvre. Even an architectural neophyte such as myself can see the similarity in the glass triangle shape of both structures.

  The rock hall is overwhelming. More films, interactive displays and memorabilia, not to mention the cool stuff at the museum shop, than you can possibly see in one day.
  I spent a lot of time in the temporary Bruce Springsteen exhibit, which currently takes up the fifth and sixth floors. I spent too much time watching the U2 concert video in 3-D. You can do that anywhere, right?
  Among the items I found most intriguing: Roger Daltrey's mike, taped to the cord to keep it from flying off when he twirled it violently during a show; and Jim Morrison's Cub Scout uniform.

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