Thursday, August 19, 2010

So sweet

  HERSHEY, Pa. - On his way to the top, Milton Hershey failed in several places. He even spent some time in our fair state, learning a few things in Denver about sweets. There, in 1882, he learned "to add fresh milk to caramels in place of paraffin wax."
  That's one of the many things you learn about the man at The Hershey Story: The Museum on Chocolate Avenue. It's a company museum in a company town, but why would you expect anything different?
  Here, the town's welcoming billboard features a smiling Hershey's kiss, the street light covers are shaped like Hershey kisses, and the sidewalks are made of milk chocolate. Yeah, I made up that last part.
  Anyway, it was a quick, fun tour and I didn't come away empty-handed.


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