Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Down around Vicksburg

  VICKSBURG, Miss. - It still blows me away how friends and relatives killed one another in mass quantities during the Civil War.
  Vicksburg National Military Park tells the story of how the Union invaded the area to take control of the Mississippi River. After a couple of their major offensives were held off by the more strategically placed Confederate troops, the Union just waited them out in a month-plus-long siege. The siege ended July 4, 1863, the day after the final battle at Gettysburg, Pa.
  About this photo, taken of the Alabama monument at Vicksburg. OK, maybe I'm interpreting it wrong, but doesn't it look like the woman is telling the nearly dead guy on the ground to get the heck up and keep fighting?
  The things we do for women.

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