Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Desert flowers

I've never been to the Sonoran desert when it was in bloom. Pretty neat. This is a bloomin' saguaro taken in Sabino Canyon. For more desert flowers, go to my homepage at www.summerdetour.com and click on "gallery."

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  1. Any idea how long the cacti bloom? It probably is not a long season.

    Yes, I'm here in Jakarta, and my class does their homework on blogs. We've discussed following bloggers, those who are writing on topics in which we ourselves have a real interest. Your journey fits for me.

    I have a home in Dalton Ranch, and anticipate retiring to there someday soon. I also plan on buying a VW camper and spending time on the road, therefore I'm very interested in your journey. I'm particularly fascinated in your connection to people and their stories.

    I'll have some enjoyable questions for you over a glass of wine in Dtown.

    All the best, and know you've got people enjoying your journey.