Friday, May 21, 2010

A piscine oasis

There was something fishy about the rock steps leading up into the hillside off the old Route 66 near Sitgreaves Pass, Ariz., west of Kingman. They seemed out of place.
(Something "fishy." Wait for it.)
I made two ill-advised U-turns along the narrow, winding road to retreat a couple hundred yards downhill and check it out. The steps did not go far. They went to a spring. Big deal, I thought, and looked up the hill where I was about to prove that jumping cholla does indeed jump - onto one's shoes in this case.
But there was an addition to the spring. Someone had carefully constructed a small collection pool, and what the heck were goldfish doing swimming around in there? This was no accident, I realized when I saw the not-so-new-looking plaque. This was "Shaffer Fish Bowl Spring." The several orange and one albino goldfish were doing just fine.
You're asking why, and I'm sorry, but right now I have no answers. Just something fishy.


  1. Any sighting of that monkey paw flower that's rumored to be at the spring?

    Any historical information about the source or use of the water?

    Nice post, John. It's good to see more followers. Good news spreads.


  2. Michael, Mostly those are my friends who are followers, but I'm not picky. Sorry, no more info on that. Just a roadside curiosity. Hope you're well. John