Thursday, June 17, 2010

Murals everywhere

  TOPPENISH, Wash. - If you've been through Delta, Colorado, you may have noticed the wall murals that have popped up on a few buildings downtown. Well, here in Toppenish they are everywhere. There is probably not a spot you can stand in the small downtown area and not see one. There are around 70 large murals, and they depict the town's Western heritage of exploration, wildlife, American Indian/European settler relations, and gambling. The mural in the accompanying photo shows  "The Stick Game," an American Indian gambling game.

  Toppenish is a town of about 9,000 on the Yakama Indian Reservation in central Washington, not far from the city of Yakima.
  Also here is everybody's favorite destination, the American Hop Museum. I didn't find out about it until too late. Maybe next time ...


  1. Public art makes a community stand out-including a depiction of Jack Dempsey involved in a local match. :-)

    It appears the brickwork/blockwork this was created on was made specifically for artwork. I am noticing the cement block texture, which would be much more paint friendly than the red brick.

    Very cool front end thinking.


  2. I suppose we have at least a couple in Durango, too. Good point. This town does at least one a year. It didn't start that long ago, 1998 if I remember right. Certainly brightens up the place.