Wednesday, June 16, 2010


  This strange creation sticks out among the otherwise open green fields as you drive across the Columbia River from Oregon into Washington on U.S. Highway 97, just east of The Dalles. If it looks sort of like Stonehenge, that's because it is. A lookalike, anyway.
A Quaker pacifist named Samuel Hill had it built in honor of 13 Klickitat County men who were killed in battle during World War I. When Hill visited England's Stonehenge at about the same time, and was told that people were sacrificed there, he said this, according to the plaque at the "new" Stonehenge:
  "After all our civilization, the flower of humanity is still being sacrificed to the god of war on the fields of battle."
  Later research determined that maybe people weren't sacrificed at the original Stonehenge, but Hill's memorial, which he named and built to resemble Stonehenge, makes its point all the same.

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