Friday, July 9, 2010

A Rush

  ALBUQUERQUE - They're in their mid- to late-50s, but the Canadian trio Rush can still rock.
  This photo was taken during Rush's June 29 concert in Albuquerque, which opened their 2010 tour.
  Despite their seemingly advanced ages, these guys played for three-plus hours, long enough that my wife had reached her Rush saturation point, and I commend her for hanging in bravely to the end.
  It's Rush's "Time Machine" tour, during which they play their 1980 "Moving Pictures" album in its entirety. Nostalgic, yet simultaneously reaffirming to hear these guys crank out "Tom Sawyer" one more time.
  One thing I've noticed so far in my travels: Virtually every town of 5,000 or more has a classic rock station. Think it's true that rock & roll will never die?

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