Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Water for Humans

  Interesting to learn where your friends, the people you meet along this path, end up.
  When I was in the Seattle area a couple weeks ago I got in touch with Rick McKenney, a Colorado State University engineering school grad whom I used to hang out with in Fort Collins in the mid-'80s. This is a guy I climbed mountains with - Mount Evans during a hair-raising (literally) electrical storm - and mountain biked with before mountain biking was cool.
  Rick worked for Boeing in Seattle for many years before resigning to do something more socially responsible, more environmentally conscious. After a few years working with a firm in British Columbia trying to develop hydrogen power, he ended up back in Seattle as a private consultant.
  He's also developed a nonprofit project called Water for Humans, which works to provide clean water and sanitation in the world's developing countries. Rick works out of his basement, but as the organization's executive director, he has also spent a lot of time in Mexico during the last couple years, helping a community around Oaxaca City.
  To find out more, check out www.waterforhumans.org. Rick can use your help.

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