Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not my goal

  ONEONTA, N.Y. - I was on my way to a different hall when I stumbled upon the National Soccer Hall of Fame here.
  I wavered terribly before taking Exit 13 off Interstate 88 to check it out. I was on my way to the Baseball Hall of Fame in nearby Cooperstown, and hadn't left myself a whole lot of time even for that. Did I really have time for the soccer hall?
  Not an issue. The hall is hosting soccer camps, and there were plenty of players on the adjacent fields, but the hall itself was closed. Why? It is actually closing for good, due to financial concerns, and disbursing items around the country. Archives will go to Eurosport headquarters in North Carolina.
  Note: The baseball hall was open.

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  1. Professional soccer is still a fledgling sport in the US; it's future still unknown. There is a lot of hope for US soccer, especially in this World Cup year where big European teams are currently playing MLS team in international friendlies. However, unless the US can truly embrace the "beautiful game" in a timely fashion, investors may pull up stakes.